Sunday, 26 January 2014

How to enable back panel audio without front panel connection on Intel HD Audio (Lenovo 9632)?

Hello friends!

After getting my lenovo 9632. I was tried to enable back panel audio without front panel connection but that was not a normal AC'97 audio that was an Intel HD audio.Normally in AC'97 audio we need two jumpers two enable back panel audio without front panel connection but in Intel HD audio there are 14 pins for front panel.After two days I found the jumper configuration for enabling back panel audio without front panel connection.Just connect pin 1 and 3 with a jumper that's all!!!.I think it will be useful for all of you.Thank you for reading.

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Sunday, 18 August 2013

 Integrate Ardublock with Arduino IDE Hello friends!!!!!!!!!!
Programming with C is not always the easy job for all those non-programmer Arduino enthusiasts but now for their ease the ‘ArduBlock’ a graphical, block-based programming language is available. We have already seen a number of graphical, block-based programming languages in our time such as Scratch, OpenBlocks but what keep’s it apart from other’s is that it uses the Arduino IDE alone for its functionality and gets well integrated to it, so everything possible in C with an Arduino should be possible with ArduBlock.
Step 1: Install Arduino IDE Download any version of Arduino IDE (here i'm using ver1.0.5) and install it on computer (executable arduino installer is available,so you no need to unzip and copying files)
You can find a desktop shortcut as "Arduino"
Step 2: Download Ardublock Use this link to download ardublock-all.jar
Rename ardublock-all-20130607.jar to ardublock-all.jar and copy this file.